Wed, May 30, 2018: How to Save the World

Science for Peace Forum: “How to Save the World in a Hurry”
9:00am, May 30 – 5:00pm, May 31, 2018
Room 140, University College, 15 King’s College Circle, Toronto, ON M5S 3H7

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You may already be trying to save the world from something—or at least to reduce its risk to humanity. Maybe you’re working against war and weapons. Or global warming. Or famine. Or pandemics. Or exposure to radiation from reactor explosions. Or cyber attacks. You’re probably doing your part.

Since these risks are all connected causally, whenever you work on one of them, you’re actually working on the whole system. However, that’s not always apparent. We’d be more effective if everyone saw how all six global threats fit together as a system and how countless civil society organizations are working together to save the world. That’s the goal of this project.

Let’s list several potential ways of reducing each of these six global risks to make a single comprehensive checklist of policy proposals. As we go along, let’s discuss the likely effectiveness of each policy — pro or con. When we have a sizeable list, let’s hold a public forum for the experts and organizations — some in person and others via teleconfernce — who are trying to prevent these catastrophes.

At the end of the forum, conference participants will vote for or against this shorter list of 25 proposals. If they adopt it, they will all have a common Platform for Survival. Afterward, each group will continue its own work agenda, conscious of being part of the larger project: to save the world.

Conference program

NB: speaker names and assignments may be subject to change.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
9:10 am Welcome from the President Professor Sorpong Peou, President of Science for Peace Chair: Professor Danny Harvey
9:15 am Plan for the Day
9:20 am Greeting and keynote Professor John Polanyi
9:50 am What do we know about nuclear war? Hon. Douglas Roche Chair:Dr. Barbara Birkett
10:00 am Q and A about war and weapons, mainly nuclear Hon. Douglas Roche and Ambassador Peggy Mason
10:30 am Coffee break
10:45 am What do we know about radiation exposure? Dr. Gordon Edwards Chair: Dr. Richard Denton
10:55 am Q and A about radiation exposure Dr. Gordon Edwards and Ms. Angela Bischoff
11:25 am What do we know about famine? Professor Hilal Elver, UN Rapporteur on the Right to Food Chair: Ms Joan Kerr
11:35 am Q and A about famine Professors Elver and Evan Fraser
12:00 pm Strategic foresight Dr. David Harries
12:15 pm Lunch break
1:30 pm What do we know about global warming? Professor Mark Z. Jacobson Chair: Ms. Katie Krelove
1:40 pm Q and A about global warming Professors Jacobson, Harvey
2:10 pm What do we know about pandemics? Dr. Ronald St. John Chair: Dr. Vinay Jindal
2:20 pm Q and A about pandemics Drs. Ronald St. John, Larry Brilliant, Bryna Warshawsky
2:50 pm Coffee break
3:05 pm What do we know about Cyber attacks? Dr. Paul Werbos Chair: Dr. David Harries
3:15 pm Q and A Cyber attacks Dr. Paul Werbos, Ambassador Paul Meyer
3:45 pm Enabling Measures plenary TBA: Speakers may include Fergus Watt, John Kirton, Toby Heaps, Peter Langille Chair: Dr. Phillip Rawkins
4:45 pm Wrap-up discussion Prof. Metta Spencer
6:00 pm Dinner at Free Times Café Mr Doug Saunders on Democracy
Thursday, May 31, 2018
9:00 am Enabling Measures cont'd Dr. Michael Marien Dr. Phllip Rawkins
10:15 am Dr. Paul Werbos on Cyber attacks
10:30 am Coffee break
10:45 am First breakout groups: War and weapons Prof. Michel Duguay Doug Roche
Global Warming Ms.Catherine Abreu Prof. Harvey
Famine Prof. Evan Fraser Ms Joan Kerr
Pandemics Dr. Ron St. John Dr. Vinay Jindal
Radiation exposure Dr Jeremy Whitlock Mr. Robin Collins
Cyber attacks Mr. John Daniele & Dr. Paul Werbos Mr. Evan Leibovitch
12:00 pm Lunch
1:15 pm Second breakout groups. Platform decisions are made in these groups War and weapons Dr. Peter Langille Mr.Robin Collins
Global Warming Prof. Danny Harvey Ms. Catherine Abreu
Pandemics Dr. Bryna Warshawsky Dr. Ron St John
Cyber attacks Mr Daniele, Dr. Werbos Mr Leibovitch
3:15 pm Coffee break
3:30 pm Plenary to combine, adopt Platform for Survival
4:30 pm Signing the Platform, discussing where to go from here. Prof. Metta Spencer
5:00 pm End of conference