Science for Peace

Peace cannot be kept by force.
It can only be achieved by understanding.
Albert Einstein

At the heart of Science for Peace’s publications programme is our extensive online archive of newsletter articles, conference papers, and occasional papers. These files are a mix of text and PDF, augmented by audio and multimedia files.
In addition, Science for Peace publishes, using more traditional technology, books, a newsletter, and topical pamphlets, some of them also available for download.


Science for Peace publications


This category contains historically important declarations as well as statements by Science for Peace itself.

2014 Science for Peace Statement on the Situation in Gaza and Israel
We deplore the response of the Government of Canada to events in Gaza and Israel....
2011 Science for Peace Statement on the Execution of Troy Davis
Science for Peace is deeply saddened by the needless execution of Troy Anthony Davis, 42,...
2011 Press Release: Government neglect and ignorance about climate change
Academics from universities throughout Canada are demanding immediate, informed and responsible action on climate change....
2011 Open Letter to Members of the 41st Parliament Demanding Urgent Action on Climate Change
Members of Canada’s university community are increasingly alarmed by governments’ inattention and inaction with regard...
2009 Press release
More than 500 university faculty members from universities all over Canada signed a letter to...
2009 Lettre ouverte
adressée à L’Honorable Stephen Harper, à Mmes et MM. les ministres du gouvernement canadien, et...
2009 Open Letter on Climate Change to the Government of Canada

In December 2009 Science for Peace published an open letter on climate change addressed to the Government of Canada. Over 550 Canadian Faculty members signed the letter that called for immediate and drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The letter pointed out that the time frame of reductions is critical and should be dictated by earth’s physical environment and not by political or short-term economic considerations. The scale is global: climate knows no boundaries; Canada’s emissions harm people everywhere.

2005 The Russell-Einstein Manifesto

July 9, 2005 marked the fiftieth anniversary of a momentous declaration by eleven eminent scientists, led by Lord Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein: a warning that the survival of humankind requires the abolition of warfare.

1999 Science for Peace Statement on the NATO-Serbia War
The NATO-Serbia war has already caused much dying and suffering and has created a very...
1991 The Toronto Resolution

In November 1991, following on from discussions at an international symposium on academic freedom, six academic institutions and Science for Peace co-organized a meeting on codes of ethics.

1991 Defence Conversion for the 90's: A New Security Policy for Canada
Science is not a value-free enterprise. Its success depends on a respect for openness and...
1989 An Oath for Scientists?
Aware that, in the absence of ethical control, science and its products can damage society...
1989 Science and Peace: United Nations Resolution
At the 71st plenary meeting, December 6, 1988, the following resolution was adopted by the...
1988 Nuclear Weapons And Human Rights
To mark the second anniversary of the kidnapping of the Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu...
1984 Danger Of Accidental Nuclear War
The President of Science for Peace was invited, along with other initiating members of the...


This category contains background papers written for Science for Peace.

2010 Nuclear Weapons: A Science for Peace Dialogue
Two atomic bombs were dropped in war 64 years ago, but none since then. Why...
2010 Ecological Refugees
I have coined the term “ecological refugees” to include both environmental refugees1, the newer concept...
2010 Genetically Modified Plants, Used for Food
The practice of genetic modification of plants is based on a false premise; i.e., the...
2010 The Alberta Tar Sands
There is much information available to the public about the widespread devastation caused by the...

Briefs and Essays

Here is a list of conference papers, occasional papers and Bulletin articles, sorted by author.

Adele Buckley
Arctic Governance 2010-11-19
Alan Phillips
Eliminate Launch on Warning 2004-09-21
No Launch on Warning 2003-05-15
Science for Peace Discusses South Asian Nuclear Tests 1998-09-01
The World Court Project 1993-03-21
Y2K and Accidental Nuclear War? 1998-09-01
Alan Weatherley
Book Review: The Art of War 1991-03-01
Editorial Matters 1990-08-01
Editorial Matters 1991-03-01
Editorial Matters 1989-11-01
From the Editor 1991-01-01
The case of the Lost Virus 1986-10-01
The Role of NATURE 1991-11-01
Towards a Comprehensive Test Ban 1991-03-01
Troop Cuts and Open Skies 1990-03-01
Anatol Rapoport
A UN 'Brain Trust"? 1987-10-01
Editorial 1987-01-01
Focus on Education 1987-02-01
Focus on Education 1987-04-01
Focus on Education 1987-05-01
Focus: Education 1987-03-01
John McMurtry's 'Understanding War': Foreword 1990-03-01
Peace: An Idea whose Time has Come 1992-12-01
President's Corner 1986-01-01
President's Corner 1986-02-01
President's corner 1986-03-01
President's Corner 1986-04-01
President's Corner 1986-05-01
President's Corner 1985-05-01
President's Corner 1985-12-01
Realpolitik as a Form of Madness 1991-03-01
Remarks at a Citizens' Inquiry into Peace and Security 1991-11-01
The President's Corner 1985-01-15
The President's Corner 1984-09-21
Visit to Moscow 1988-01-01
Andrew Pakula
The Truth About the Serbo-Croatian Conflict 1991-11-01
Angela Regnier
Mapping a Freedom to Learn: Why Students Must Maintain Their Right to Organize on Canadian Campuses 2011-11-15
Anna Jaikaran
Obama and the NPT 2010-01-08
Anne Cole
Ethics and Computer Ethics 1991-03-01
Barbara Birkett
It's A Matter of Vision 2003-05-15
Bev Delong
Academic Call For Nuclear Abolition 1999-01-01
The Nuclear Abolition Imperative 2009-04-14
Bill Bhaneja
Towards a Federal Department of Peace in Canada 2006-09-20
Bob Baxter
Book Review: Malicorne 1995-08-01
Book Review: Rape of Canola 1995-04-01
Chlorine and Good Manners 1993-06-21
Extraterrestrials Have Problems Too 2000-12-21
New Concerns Over Biological Weaponry 1992-12-01
Bob Russell
Second International Scientists' Congress "Ways out of the Arms Race" 1989-02-01
Cameron Harrington
Roundtable on Freshwater 2008-12-20
Carolyn Langdon
Hague Appeal for Peace - Canada 1999-01-01
Chandler Davis
At the Edge 2010-10-28
Chomsky and others look at the crisis 2003-05-15
Science for Good or Ill 1990-03-01
Christian Bay
83.28. Science For Peace Research Proposal 1983-06-21
Psychology Of Peacemaking Discussed In Amsterdam 1986-10-01
David Lorge Parnas
Analyzing the INF Agreement 1987-11-01
False Dichotomies: How the War is Sold 1991-03-01
How to Free Kuwait 1991-03-01
Images of War 1991-03-01
The North American Free Trade Agreement 1993-03-21
The SDI is Dead! Long Live the SDI! 1993-06-21
David Suzuki
Science Matters: Taking the planet for a spin 2005-09-21
Derek Paul
25 Years of Science for Peace 2006-02-14
84.05 A New Security And Arms Control Centre For Canada 1984-01-15
84.29 Book Review 1984-04-15
Biochar-Enhanced Sequestration of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide 2010-10-28
Brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology 2008-06-20
Chernobyl 1986-06-01
Climate Change and Carbon Taxes 2008-03-20
Culture of Peace-Culture of War 2007-12-20
Definition of a Radical 1996-01-01
Electrical Energy Consumption: The Human Side of the Problem 2004-09-21
Guaranteeing Income 2012-09-21
Pugwash Conference 2002-09-21
Report of the Meeting on Issues 1998-09-01
Roundtable on Food and Population 2010-01-08
Science for Peace: What kind of future? 1994-01-01
The Need for General and Complete Disarmament 2010-11-19
The Roundtable on Forests 2006-09-23
The Work of the Global Issues Project and the Wasan Action Framework 2007-12-21
Toward Security and a World Without War: Steps to facilitate disarmament in a reluctant social order 2010-11-24
Writing a Letter to the Prime Minister 2005-02-14
Dominick Jenkins
Playing On Our Hopes And Fears: Technological Unemployment After the End of the Cold War 1997-03-01
Ed Barbeau
Editorial 1984-09-21
Edwin E. Daniel
Climate Change and Industrial Agriculture 2010-10-28
Working Group on Genetics and Biotechnology 2003-05-15
Ellen Larsen
Canada and Biological and Chemical Weapons Research 1992-12-01
Canada and Chemical Weapons: Science for Peace Testifies to the Biological and Chemical Defence Review Committee 1995-08-01
Continued Discussions Between SfP and the BCDRC 1993-06-21
Eric Fawcett
82.52. Japanese Peace Movement 1982-10-07
84.03 The Peace Initiative 1984-01-15
A Moscow Letter From Eric Fawcett 1990-08-01
Canada And Renewal Of The Non-Proliferation Treaty 1995-04-01
Fourth Annual DFAIT Peacebuilding Consultations Ottawa, March 1 and 2 2000-05-01
How The OAS Charter Was Violated 1990-08-01
Science for Peace and INES 1992-12-01
Science for Peace and Justice: SPJ-Brazil 1989-11-01
The Evolution of World Order: Building a Foundation for Peace in the Third Millennium 1997-07-01
United Nations Reform 1994-01-01
Floyd Rudmin
Cross-Cultural Correlates of War 1990-08-01
Round-Table Conferences: An Application of Small-Wins Theory 2003-05-15
Social Science Commentary on Abu Ghraib 2005-02-14
Gaston Fischer
The Summit -- Seen from Europe 1986-01-01
George Ignatieff
Free Trade 1987-11-01
Letter from the President 1988-05-01
Letter from the President: The Powder Keg Of Europe: a New Perspective 1988-04-01
President Ignatieff's Report To The Annual Meeting Of May 7 1988-06-01
President's Corner 1988-01-01
President's Corner 1988-02-01
President's corner 1987-01-01
President's Corner 1987-02-01
President's Corner 1987-03-01
President's Corner 1987-05-01
President's Corner 1987-06-01
President's Corner 1987-09-01
President's Corner 1987-10-01
President's Corner 1987-11-01
President's Corner 1987-12-01
President's Corner 1986-06-01
President's Corner 1986-09-01
President's Corner 1986-11-01
Review: End the Arms Race 1987-05-01
George Lakoff
Metaphor and War 1991-03-01
George Spiegelman
The Problem Of Military Funding Of Non Military Research 1988-10-01
Gussai Sheikheldin
Sudan’s Secession Referendum: A Historical Punctuation Mark in the Making 2011-04-05
H. Patricia Hynes
The Silent Casualty of War: The Global Environment 2011-04-05
The US Military Assault on Global Climate 2011-11-15
Hani Kim
Military Research and Canadian Universities 2002-09-21
Two Koreas: One Hope for Peace 2005-09-21
Hanna Newcombe
Rational Scheme for a Reformed UN Security Council 2005-02-14
Report From The DFAIT -- NGO Peace Building Consultation 1997-03-01
Hans Blumenfeld
83.29. Letter From Hans Blumenfeld 1983-06-21
Helmut Burkhardt
From the President 2000-12-21
New Concepts of Security 2002-03-21
Reflections on the Public Forum on Food and Population – How Many Can We Feed? 2010-04-15
Step One: Reducing the Ecological Footprint by Changing Technology 2008-03-20
The Role of Media For Sustainability 2002-03-21
The Sustainability Nexus 2010-11-26
Third Interdisciplinary Conference on the Evolution of World Order: From Knowledge to Sound Policy and Action 2002-06-21
Irwin Guttman
NAFTA and the Militarization of Canada 1993-03-21
Jacqueline Medalye
Climate Politics at the Crossroads 2011-11-15
Janis Alton
International Peace Bureau in Alexandria, Egypt 2008-03-20
Peace Studies at the European Peace University 1994-01-01
Jean Smith
Governments Lie 2008-03-20
In Response 2002-09-21
Jean-Guy Vaillancourt
Review 1987-04-01
Joe Cummins
Terminators Galore! 2005-05-14
Joe Vise
For Peace and Reconciliation in Israel and Palestine 2002-03-21
John Bacher
Petrotyranny: 9/11 Causes and Responses 2003-05-15
John Dove
Nuclear Winter Threat 1986-06-01
John Foster
Petroleum, Power and Fear: Challenges for Canada 2008-09-20
John McMurtry
Action and Understanding 2008-10-04
Excerpt from 'Understanding 9-11 and the 9-11 Wars' 2004-09-21
The Historic Moment 1990-08-01
The Science for Peace Vocation 2008-06-20
Why is there a War in Afghanistan? 2001-12-09
John Polanyi
Getting Over Our Nuclear Denial 2010-04-15
John Valleau
82.10. Science For War? 1982-02-18
Globalization, the WTO and You 1999-12-01
Organising A Campaign Against Space Weapons: A Draft Treaty And A Planning Conference 2002-06-21
Rebuttal to Globe & Mail "Star Wars" Editorial 2004-01-15
Statement to the Minister's Defence Review Consultations 1994-12-01
The Ballistic Missile Defence Issue: SfP and NOOS 2002-03-21
Judith Deutsch
Climate Justice, Contraction and Convergence, and Eliminating GHG Emissions 2012-04-21
Comments on Some Books and Articles on Food and Population 2010-04-15
Findings on Extreme Violence 2007-12-20
Gaza -- Humanitarian Emergency and the Threat of Nuclear War 2008-03-20
Gaza and Israel 2009-04-14
Message from the President of Science for Peace 2009-09-21
Message from the President of Science for Peace 2010-01-08
Message from the President of Science for Peace 2010-04-15
Message from the President of Science for Peace 2010-10-28
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose: a 30-Year Retrospective of Science for Peace 2011-11-15
President's Letter: Science and Reason 2011-11-15
The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza 2006-09-20
Julia Morton-Marr
Canadian Peace Education Conference Report 2004-01-15
Global Sustainability Education Video Conference 2005-02-14
Kabir Joshi-Vijayan
The Myth of Peacekeeping: 2007-06-20
Kate Dewes
David Lange's Peace Legacy Lives On 2005-09-21
Lee Lorch
Review: Perestroika 1988-01-01
Working Group on Cooperation with Cuban Science 1994-04-01
Leonard Johnson
Veterans In Moscow 1988-02-01
Leslie Jermyn
The State of Global Food Production and Recommendations for the Future 2009-09-21
Lynn Trainor
82.26. Report On Educational Activities 1982-05-07
Margaret Back
The Mines Action Coalition 1996-01-01
Margrit Eichler
The Muzzling of Science in Canada 2012-09-21
Mary Foster
Landmine Detection & Removal Technology Research Competition 1999-01-01
Mel Watkins
Letter from the President of Science for Peace to Douglas Roche 1999-01-01
President's Message 1998-09-01
President's Message 1999-01-01
President's Message 1999-06-01
President's Message 1999-12-01
Metta Spencer
Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy and Global Security (report) 2006-10-27
Climate Change and the Coming Energy Crisis (article) 2006-12-01
How to Democratize the Planet 2010-11-19
Peace and Democracy in Russia 2011-04-05
Toronto Wants Zero Nuclear Weapons 2010-01-08
Wanted: Writers Who Will Work for Change 2007-12-20
What the Presidential Candidates Say - and Don't Say 2008-03-20
Michael Mandel
This war is illegal and immoral, and it won’t prevent terrorism 2001-12-09
Michael Wallace
Nuclear Attack Submarines For Canada? 1989-02-01
Mike Pearson
The Non-Offensive Defense of Europe 1989-02-01
Murray Thomson
Militarism in Canada Today: What do we do about it? 2008-06-20
Nancy Olivieri
From the President's Desk 2005-09-21
Nick Dyer-Witheford
Military Related Research at the University of Western Ontario 2007-06-20
Oliver Brandes
Water Crisis 2008-09-20
Paul Hamel
Aiding & Abetting War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity 2004-01-15
Environment and War 2004-01-15
From the President 2002-06-21
From the President 2003-05-15
Genetically Modified Food: A Field of Dreams? 2000-05-01
Justifications and Racism: Hiroshima Day - August 2, 2004 2004-09-21
Science for Peace Speaks to the Standing Committee on National Defense and Veterans Affairs 2000-05-01
September 11: Then and Now Conference and Workshops 2002-09-21
Structural Violence 2006-02-14
The Reciprocal Signalling Cascade Between State and Non-State Terrorists 2005-02-14
War as an Institution 2004-09-21
Pet Cleto
Torture and Other Gender Issues 1993-11-01
Peter Brogden
Underground Nuclear Testing: The Old Arrogance Remains 1991-11-01
Peter Nicholls
On the Shoulders of Giants 2011-11-15
President's Inaugural Message 1996-08-01
President's Message -- Comfort me with H-bombs 1996-12-01
President's Message NATO, Canada, and Russia. 1997-03-01
Report from Europe - November 2003 2004-01-15
UK CND goes mainstream - Golden Anniversary Meeting 2008-03-20
What is to be done? - a report on war and anti-war from the UK 2002-03-21
Peter Shepherd
Genesis of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Project 1996-01-01
The Kyoto Brief 2002-09-21
Working Group on Ozone and Climate Change (WGOCC) 1994-04-01
Philip Ehrensaft
A Nuclear Watergate: West Germany's "Transnuklear Affair" 1988-06-01
Guns, Butter, and Empire 1990-03-01
Nuclear Proliferation and Nuclear Terrorism: Research by the Nuclear Control Institute 1988-05-01
Phyllis Creighton
65 Years: It's Time to Retire the Bomb! 2010-10-28
An Arctic Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone: Why is now the time? 2010-01-08
Canada and Nuclear Weapons 2006-02-14
Geneva in July 2002-09-21
Global Governance and World Without War 2010-11-19
Hope for a Nuclear-Free World 2009-09-21
Nuclear Alert 2005-09-21
Nuclear Weapons: Just Say "No"! 2008-06-20
Update on the International Peace Bureau 1992-12-01
Vancouver World Peace Forum's Vision 2006-09-20
What Can You Do Through Mayors for Peace? 2009-04-14
Where does peace begin? 2007-12-20
Richard Erskine
Publications Journal Review 1990-03-01
Robena Weatherley
Low-Level Flying: Quebec/Labrador 1990-03-01
Robert Logan
Nobel Peace Prize 1995 -- Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash Movement 1996-01-01
Robert Stewart
Peace Studies 2009-04-14
Rocco Galati
Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Laws- Bills C36, C22, C35, C42 2001-12-09
Rose Dyson
Update on OISE/IKIT Research 2005-05-14
Violent Entertainment: The Real Elephant in the Room 2006-02-14
Ross Smyth
A More Imaginative Canadian Foreign Policy 1990-08-01
Democratizing the United Nations 1991-11-01
Sam Lanfranco
Disasters List 2010-04-15
Sara Suliman
Can the U of T Be an Agent for Social Change? 2010-10-28
The New State of South Sudan: An Opportunity for Better Health Care? 2011-11-15
Science for Peace
83.33. Restrictions To Prevent Technology Transfer To Eastern Block Countries 1983-06-21
An achievement: The International Conference on Arctic Cooperation 1988-11-01
Ethical Technology - Technological Ethics 1989-11-01
George Ignatieff at 75 1989-02-01
Minister's Defence Review Consultations: a debriefing after the latest sortie 1994-12-01
Peace and Protest in the UK 2009-09-21
Space: The Next Frontier for War? 2000-12-21
The City of Hiroshima Peace Declaration 1986-09-01
World Court Nuclear Judgement Day 1996-08-01
Shirley Farlinger
Global Governance and a World Without War 2010-11-19
Science For Peace Renewal 2005-09-21
Students of Science for Peace
Kyoto primer 2005-05-14
Tadatoshi Akiba
Peace Declaration 2002-09-21
Terry Gardner
A Brief Review of a Brief's Review 1994-12-01
General Lee Butler in Ottawa - 11 March 1999-06-01
Retreat to Discuss Science for Peace Activities 1989-11-01
Theresa Wolfwood
The Basis of Peace is the Security of the Commons 2004-09-21
Thomas Homer-Dixon
Outline of Some Issues To Be Considered by the Working Group on Environmental Change and Security 1990-08-01
Tim Brac
84.30 Tim Brac Writes On Test Ban Treaties 1984-04-15
Tom Davis
Report on UNCED 1992-12-01
Tom Hutchinson
Nuclear Winter 1985-05-01
Tom Stafford
Reed Elsevier & the arms trade: profiting from both cause and cure 2006-09-20
Tony Arrott
Adrenaline For Peace 1988-10-01
Letter From The President Of Science For Peace 1988-06-01
Words from the President 1989-06-01
Trudy Dorn
Land Mines 1997-03-01
Ursula Franklin
84.24 Brief From Professor Ursula Franklin To Joe Clark 1984-04-15
Citizens and Scientists or Scientists -- Citizen-Scientists 1989-11-01
SfP looks to the future 1989-02-01
Walter Dorn
CWC Nears Ratification 1992-12-01
Peace-keeping Satellites: A Review of a Science for Peace Activity 1988-04-01
Technologies for Peace: Canada Proceeds Cautiously 1990-03-01
Vice-President's Message 1996-01-01
William Epstein
A Total Nuclear Test Ban is the Best Way to Strengthen the NPT 1990-03-01
NPT Conference 1985-12-01


In its more than 30 years of activity, Science for Peace has had the honour of being served by many eminent peace activists. Here we remember those who are no longer with us, but who have left their mark on our movement.

Anatol Rapoport: a tribute
by Derek Paul in SfP Bulletin Winter 2007: Anatol Rapoport tribute on 2007-02-14
Eric Fawcett 1927-2000
by Derek Paul in SfP Bulletin December 2000 on 2000-12-21
Gerhard Herzberg 1904-1999
by Science for Peace in SfP Bulletin June 1999 on 1999-06-01
In Fond Memory: Wilson Head
by Science for Peace in SfP Bulletin November 1993 on 1993-11-01
In Memoriam: Admiral Robert Falls 1924-2009
by Science for Peace in SfP Bulletin January 2010 on 2010-01-08
In memoriam: Alva Myrdal, 1902-1986
by Science for Peace in SfP Bulletin March 1986 on 1986-03-01
In Memoriam: C.B. Macpherson
by Christian Bay in SfP Bulletin September 1987 on 1987-09-01
In Memoriam: David Horwood
by Mike Pearson in SfP Bulletin October 1988 on 1988-10-01
In Memoriam: Duncan Lockhart Gordon
by George Ignatieff in SfP Bulletin December 1987 on 1987-12-01
In Memoriam: Eric Tollefson 1921-2009
by Derek Paul in SfP Bulletin January 2010 on 2010-01-08
In Memoriam: George Ignatieff
by in SfP Bulletin November 1989 on 1989-11-01
In Memoriam: George Ignatieff
by Derek Paul in SfP Bulletin November 1989 on 1989-11-01
In memoriam: Giff Gifford
by Gerhard Stroink in SfP Bulletin Spring 1993 on 1993-03-21
In Memoriam: Hanna Newcombe 1922-2011
by Metta Spencer in on 2011-06-03
In Memoriam: Hans Blumenfeld
by Science for Peace in SfP Bulletin February 1988 on 1988-02-01
In Memoriam: Hans Blumenfeld
by George Ignatieff in SfP Bulletin March 1988 on 1988-03-01
In Memoriam: James Gareth Endicott, 1898 - 1993
by Science for Peace in SfP Bulletin January 1994 on 1994-01-01
In Memoriam: James Morrison
by Ursula Franklin in SfP Bulletin November 1987 on 1987-11-01
In Memoriam: John and Lois Dove
by John Valleau in SfP Bulletin June 1989 on 1989-06-01
In Memoriam: John and Lois Dove
by George Ignatieff in SfP Bulletin June 1989 on 1989-06-01
In Memoriam: John McRuer
by Kenneth Mackay in SfP Bulletin April 2009 on 2009-04-14
In Memoriam: Kenneth E. Boulding, 1910-1993
by Science for Peace in SfP Bulletin Summer 1993 on 1993-06-21
In Memoriam: Kenneth McNaught
by Jean Smith in SfP Bulletin July 1997 on 1997-07-01
In Memoriam: Linus Pauling 1901-1994
by Bob Baxter in sfP Bulletin September 1994 on 1994-09-01
In Memoriam: Michael Wallace
by Walter Dorn in on 2011-04-26
In Memoriam: Petra K. Kelly (1948-92)
by Science for Peace in SfP Bulletin December 1992 on 1992-12-01
In Memoriam: Reverend Dr. Ian MacLeod
by Science for Peace in SfP Bulletin July 1997 on 1997-07-01
In Memoriam: Robert McCallum Baxter
by Metta Spencer in SfP Bulletin April 2010 on 2010-04-15
In Memoriam: Ross Wilcock
by Helmut Burkhardt in SfP Bulletin December 2008 on 2008-12-20
In Memoriam: Terry Gardner, A Man to Remember
by Shirley Farlinger in SfP Bulletin April 2011 on 2011-04-05
In Memory of Alan F. Phillips MD
by Science for Peace in SfP Bulletin October 2008 on 2008-09-20
In Memory of Lynn Trainor
by John Valleau in SfP Bulletin July 2008 on 2008-06-20
Norman Alcock, 1918-2007: Grieving, Remembering and Celebrating
by Derek Paul in SfP Bulletin Summer 2007 on 2007-06-20
Raymond Boyer, 1906-1993
by Bob Baxter in SfP Bulletin Summer 1993 on 1993-06-21
Remembering John Buttrick
by Jean Smith in SfP Bulletin July 2008 on 2008-06-20
Walter Gordon 1906-1987
by George Ignatieff in SfP Bulletin April 1987 on 1987-04-01
Walter Josephy 1920-2007
by David Josephy in SfP Bulletin Summer 2007 on 2007-06-20


Science for Peace has published and continues to publish books in the areas of peace and social justice.

Book Author/s Brief Description non-member/
member price
John Bacher This book illustrates how the deadly trinity of oil, war and dictatorships presents the greatest challenge to humanity at the start of the new millennium. $30.00/ $10
United Nations Reform: Looking Ahead after Fifty Years
ed. Eric Fawcett & Hanna Newcombe This book provides a unique Canadian perspective. It is designed for the general reader who will gain considerable insight into how the UN operates at present and proposals for reform. $24.99/ $3
Arctic Alternatives: Civility or Militarism in the Circumpolar North
ed. Franklyn Griffiths Deals with the conceptual and practical problems that must be resolved if the peoples of the Arctic countries are to steer the development of their region away from militarism and towards civility $19.99/ $3
Unarmed Forces: Nonviolent Action in Central America and the Middle East ed Graeme MacQueen Based on a conference entitled “Nonviolence in Violent Contexts,” this book forces us to confront and non-violence in today’s world. $13.99/ $3
Accidental Nuclear War ed. Derek Paul et al. This book details the risks of nuclear weapons as well as suggesting an agenda of arms control initiatives. $13.99/ $3

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